You’re Not Alone — Kylo3/Rey3/Temporary Truce

I’ve been wanting a Standard-legal Kylo/Rey deck ever since I first picked up the Two-Player Game and started playing Destiny. At one of our previous league events at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe, I put together a Kylo – Tormented One/Rey – Force Prodigy deck for the “hero/villain mashup” theme. I had a blast playing it, and after seeing The Last Jedi, I began to hope that a future set would allow me to team up Kylo and Rey for real.

I’m an unashamed Reylo fan, and when I saw the Spark of Hope image featuring my favorite Praetorian Guard-slaying duo at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019, I had a feeling that my Destiny dreams were about to come true.

This was later confirmed by FFG in their Celebration panel and announcement article, and I began thinking about what I might put together when Spark of Hope released.

The OTP!

When I first looked at the text on Temporary Truce, I misread it as saying that players wouldn’t be able to include neutral cards in their deck when playing the plot. This seemed like a pretty harsh penalty to me, but upon reading it again, I realized it actually only restricted the use of Gray cards. What a relief! The only Gray card I’d want to include in the deck would be Doubt, and I can live without it. The access to Blue hero and villain cards certainly makes up for the lack of Gray. Of course, Spark of Hope might contain some incredible Gray cards, but I’m just working with what we know of so far.

With Kylo and Rey sitting at only 11 health points each, I have some concerns about them being too squishy, what with all of the mass-damage dealing decks out there in the wild right now. However, Rey’s shielding special and mitigating Power Action combined with a selection of defensive cards may be sufficient to keep Reylo alive long enough. Even if it isn’t, that’s okay—I don’t expect to play this deck competitively, I just want to have a good time playing it!


Obviously, Kylo and Rey are meant to be (played) together—Rey’s PA can be used to turn Kylo’s dice to their special sides, and Kylo’s PA allows him to deal damage while protecting Rey. Both of their specials give their dice a chance of being rerolled rather than removed from the pool, though I think that Rey’s dice have better odds of getting the reroll than Kylo’s. As a side note, Rey – Finding the Ways could also be paired with Kylo Ren – Bound by the Force, but my initial take is that Rey – Bound by the Force is a better option.


Legacies never fails to surprise… for good reason.

I definitely want to take advantage of this deck having access to both hero and villain upgrades. However, it worries me a bit that both Kylo and Rey only have two base melee sides on their dice. Darth Vader’s Lightsaber and Maul’s Lightsaber are awesome, but have mostly modifer sides. As such, it may be worthwhile to include other upgrades with lots of base sides like Luke Skywalker’s Lightning Rod or possibly even Heirloom Lightsaber (not currently in my list). The two focus side on Soresu Mastery can help a bit with getting the sides you need, but I don’t think it’s sufficient on its own. Maybe it’s time to bring back my favorite meme card, Legacies

Shield Party

This deck really has to revolve around shielding up both characters to keep the team alive. To that end, I’ve included Conflicted, Heightened Awareness, Loth-Wolf Bond, and Defensive Teaching alongside the shield-focused Soresu Mastery and Soresu Training upgrades. Opponents will constantly be taking away shields, so you’ll have to be constantly replacing them. I also included Ataru Strike to turn all that defense into offense. Intimidate is there to counter any other decks that might be getting shield-happy.


Hidden Motive, Forsaken, and Beguile make up the pure mitigation events of the deck. It’s possible the deck needs more; without testing, I’m wagering that with all the other defensive cards and upgrades, these six cards will do the trick. Forsaken isn’t as strong in a deck with two elite characters and no supports, but I think that it’s still worth including.

Final Thoughts

Even with tons of shields for opponents to chew through, I’m not sure this deck will be able to stand up under the onslaught of Vader/X, Snoke/Watto/X, or Phasma and her troopers. However, that’s not going to stop me from having fun playing this deck, and it shouldn’t stop you either! We also haven’t seen what other cards from Spark of Hope might synergize with the deck; perhaps some key cards have yet to be revealed.