Portland Regional Tournament – Day One

Saturday was day one of the Oregon Regional Tournament, and over a third of the 70 participants traveled from Washington State. Our players come from all over Western Washington, including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, Olympia, Lacey, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Renton, Shoreline, Edmonds, Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Bothell, Lake Stevens, Marysville, and probably more cities that I’m totally missing.

Half of the Top 8 are from Washington. All four of them also earned regional byes from Store Championship Season, but only two used byes for this tournament.

Artificery streamed the top table of the event on their Twitch channel here.

Cody Hill from Tacoma, Washington is making his run at a third Regional trophy this season

Decks from the Top 8 included:

4 x Vader/Greedo (Three from Washington)

3 x Snoke/Ciena/Rebel Traitor (Including Andrew from Dice Commando, who went 8-0)

Snoke/Tarkin (Cody, two-time 2018-2019 Regional Champion)

Each of these decks runs Vader’s Fist

Today was all about Vader’s Fist and finding the best way to pay for it. Whether it was via Friends in High Places or the Snoke-driven resource ramp, getting a Fist on the table first was the win condition for the majority of the decks that made appearances today.

Anti-support tech also came out in force, including Flames of the Past, Disable, and Sabotage, although Sabotage is mostly to counter vehicles since it can’t typically handle the high resource cost of the Fist.

Decks outside of the Top 8 were varied (aside from the Vader and Snoke decks that were mostly concentrated near the top half of the standings). My rough estimate is that at least half of the 70 decks today included Vader or Snoke (with an even higher percentage of the decks being villain), and the rest were a mix of Armored Reinforcement, mill, and a small handful of new/unique decks.

Other character combos spotted throughout the day:


  • Snoke/Ciena/Bala-Tik
  • Dooku/Talzin
  • DJ/Snoke
  • Vader/Jawa/Retribution
  • Iden/Talzin/Armored Reinforcement
  • Wulff/Snoke/Armored Reinforcement
  • Beckett/Ciena/Nightsister/Armored Reinforcement
  • Beckett/Hondo
  • Beckett/Talzin


  • Poe/Han
  • Yoda/Leia
  • Leia/Cassian
  • Yoda / Jyn2
  • Rex/Maz/Clone Trooper
  • L3-37/2x Rebel Engineer/Armored Reinforcement
  • Yoda/Hired Gun/Gungan Warrior/Armored Reinforcement
  • Rey/Boushh


  • Han/Qi’Ra