North Sound Progressive League Week 3 Recap (May 9, 2019)

“Army or not, you must realize you are doomed…” – General Grievous

There’s only one week remaining in the progressive league, and the standings are still close. Obi-Wan and Grievous are clearly both still relevant—an Obi-Wan deck is currently in first place in the standings, with a Grievous deck right behind.

With Allies of Necessity still being relatively new, we decided that for week three (and for the remaining duration of the league) we would continue to allow players to choose between Rivals and Allies of Necessity for their draft kit. Players also still got to choose one of the two new starter decks to build with.

Each week the range of decks has become more and more varied. Some people have been able to stick to their original plan and are still killing it with droids! Others have tried a last minute swerve that turned into a failed attempt at an Obi-Wan-led comeback (“Apparently I just cannot play Blue hero!” – Stefunny).

Character pairings in week three included:

That is one ugly mug.

Palpatine, Dengar, and Watto all showed their ugly faces for the first time in the league this week, and even though one player has pulled elite Padme, she still hasn’t seen any table time. Five out of ten players this week pulled legendaries. In fact, over the course of the league so far, only one 1 out of the 14 participants has not pulled a legendary.

Standings at the end of Week Three:

  1. Jacob – 29 Points (Obi/Maz in first!)
  2. Zack – 27 Points (4-0 week three with Grievous)
  3. Anthony – 24 Points
  4. Cameron – 23 Points
  5. Ethan – 22 Points
  6. Reuben – 22 Points
  7. Brendan – 20 Points
  8. Jonathon – 17 Points
  9. Stephanie – 17 Points
  10. Bianca – 11 Points
  11. Daniel – 9 Points
  12. Jeremy – 8 Points
  13. AJ – 7 Points
  14. Kris – 4 Points

Final League Night Thursday, May 23 at Zulu’s

This coming Thursday (May 23) will be the final week of the sealed progressive league, but that doesn’t mean it is too late to show up and participate. Everyone who plays in the last week of the league will have the option to purchase double packs ($10 for 3 packs or $20 for 6 packs), and everyone will receive a minimum of two prize packs and special participation prizes.

Prizes for the top players will include a very fashionable Cloud City Rollers t-shirt, a Hera Galactic Qualifiers mat, and special custom tokens made by none other than Cloud City Rollers’ very own AnalogKid. Assorted other prizes will be raffled off as well, so be sure to come join the fun. We look forward to rolling some dice with you!