North Puget Sound Progressive League Week 2 Recap (April 25, 2019)

“You fool! I’ve been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku.” – General Grievous

Going into week two there were low expectations regarding player turnout. Apparently some movie release was happening the same day? Despite that, we actually ended up gaining 3 new participants for a total of 12 players.

This week also marked the release of Allies of Necessity! Unfortunately the new draft kit was a little hard to come by, as many stores shipments didn’t arrive on time. With Allies of Necessity releasing, we decided a rule change was necessary. Limited supply meant we couldn’t switch over to it completely from Rivals, so we allowed players to pick one draft set and one starter to use with their packs.

We definitely saw more variety in deck flavor with the rules adjustment, and the standings were also impacted by the addition of new players. We found out that eObi-Wan isn’t unbeatable, and that Obi/Maz is still a thing!

With a total of 12 players, 45 packs were opened and 6 legendaries were pulled. Just like last league night, one player pulled two legendaries (Megablaster Troopers and Padmé), this time out of just three packs!

Character pairings in week two included:

Full marks go to Jacob this week for taking the new Obi/Maz on a 4-0 run, which boosted him to the top of the rankings. The current standings are as follows:

I don’t think anyone expected this.
  1. Jacob – 19 Points (Obi/Maz lives!)
  2. Cameron – 17 Points
  3. Anthony – 16 Points
  4. Ethan – 15 Points
  5. Zack – 15 Points
  6. Reuben – 14 Points
  7. Bianca – 11 Points
  8. Stephanie – 11 Points
  9. Brendan – 10 Points
  10. Jonathon – 10 Points
  11. Jeremy – 8 Points
  12. AJ – 7 Points
  13. Daniel – 5 Points
  14. Kris – 4 Points

Remember, it’s not too late to join. Week three happens this Thursday, May 9th at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe. New players will be able to purchase six packs to catch up, while everyone else will get three new packs. Happy Revenge of the Fifth!