My Favorite Convergence Character Spoilers – Menu Style!

I’ll take a grande Yellow villain with some guns please!

Greetings, Destiny players. We are almost to Convergence! With the March 28 release date quickly approaching, we’ll soon be released from the anticipatory purgatory we’ve been in. With every new set comes a whole host of new characters to play with, and I’d like to share my favorites with you: the big, the small, and the in-between.

By no means is this the definitive list of who’s the best, though some of the characters here will see solid play. Others I just like for their unique abilities and thematic pairings (aka the “Fun Factor”). With that in mind, let’s get to the list!

Small Characters – Maximum 12 Points Elite

#3 – Lor San Tekka

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Remember that guy who was in The Force Awakens for like two seconds? This seemingly innocuous character has some sweet focus sides, 10 health, and a bonkers Power Action that gets your high value cards back from the discard pile. All this can be yours for the low, low cost of 11 points Elite. If you’re feeling spicy, you can even throw Force abilities on him… because … sure?!?

#2 – Watto

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Oh yeah, wesa gonna pay for all this

Remember how Chance Cube is rotating? Yeah, me neither. Watto appears to be a stellar ramp engine for both Snoke and the new unlimited Palpatine.

The best part? He has built-in dice defense to make it even harder for your opponent to slow your ramp.

#1 – Wat Tambor

The Techno Union Foreman is my most anticipated small character for two reasons: he has a pretty solid ramp die, and he turns your awesome vehicles/supports into baby Vader’s Fists (hello, double roll-out on Planetary Bombardment).

Wat’s Power Action gives you exceptional value for each support die you play, and nine health will keep him alive long enough to use it at least twice. Using Ambush supports will also give you the opportunity to resolve that support die immediately (Fang Fighter, TIE Fighter, Planetary Bombardment, etc.). His point cost fits very well with Snoke or Aphra and his die gives you great consistency. Overall, he’s a high value character that gives you a lot of options in deckbuilding. I’m almost guaranteed to be carrying around a deck with him in it when he finally releases.

Medium Characters – Maximum 16 Points Elite

#3 – Dengar

Finally, the bounty hunters are getting some love in this set! Some will remember Dengar as the force to be reckoned with in X-Wing 1.0. In Destiny he doesn’t seem quite as scary, but there are some things I like about him. Free damage is always a good thing, and with Punishing One you get some reactivation shenanigans. His three damage sides, though they are mixed, seem okay.

However, his drawbacks are substantial as far as a meta character. For one thing, you’d have to commit to using bounties to build your deck around him. He also feels a little squishy at 10 health, but he’ll be fun to play at least.

#2 – K-2SO

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In the weeks leading up to Convergence, I haven’t seen a lot of buzz about this sarcastic Rogue One droid. At 14 points Elite he offers two big damage sides, 11 health, and access to Red healing and spot droid cards. Given this, I think K-2SO offers a lot to work with for a very flexible point cost.

But wait, there’s more! Did you roll out your dice and they weren’t so hot? Did your opponent roll fire? You can use K-2SO’s SICK Power Action! This built in rerolling ability is a major plus for me; he also has an interesting passive ability that allows you to end the action phase after he is defeated. Because that could help or (more likely) hurt you, you’ll need to be crafty about playing around it. Above all, I’m just happy to see him be viable after being so useless in the Awakenings set.

#1 – Chewbacca

Image result for chewbacca destiny

Someone needs to get this big walking carpet into my collection! The new Chewie has a lot of health, plus Guardian (with scoundrels) to protect whomever he’s paired with. Guardian is interesting since it allows you to move closer to increasing Chewie’s damage sides (using his other ability that triggers once he has six or more damage on him) while also letting you take damage dice off the table. Sniping a base side underneath a bunch of modifiers will be a good play with him.

The damage sides are a little tricky, with a plus two ranged side and a two-for-one melee pay side. As such, I don’t think he’s meta-defining or even tier 2, but he’s a beloved character and will allow for some good themed pairings. I’ll be starting him out with his buddy Han and going from there.

Large Characters – 17+ Points Elite

#3 – Palpatine

Palpatine's Lightsaber
Double Down gets you three of these bad boys

The Jolly Palpster returns in his ultimate form, and this time I think they got it right—especially after that dumpster fire of a Legacies version. Endless Force abilities, his obscenely good Lightsaber, and the new Palp Hot Tub (Bacta Therapy) will be staples of his decks. I mean, how satisfying will it be to roll seven or eight dice when he activates?

Ultimately, my making a Palpatine deck will come down to whether or not I pull him from packs. Since I’m mainly a Red/Yellow player, it would be tricky for me to gather all the right tools to make Palp hum since I don’t necessarily have them on hand. For a more detailed Palp analysis, check out James’ article here.

#2 – Enfys Nest

Enfys Nest
Enfys Nest's Electroripper

Enfys has multiple intriguing facets; she has solid damage sides and continues the trend of strong, interesting Power Actions. She also gives access to Yellow cards and crosses a few deckbuilding boundaries, allowing you to include up to two villian and two hero cards in your deck, regardless of affiliation. Vader’s Fist with Yoda (which I can’t get my head around thematically) and Easy Pickings with Talzin seem like pretty solid combos in my book.

Her two resource side could let you ramp quickly, especially if she was paired with Lando and he hit his big four-for-two resource side. You could then use Enfys’ Power Action to resolve six resources for free?! Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Hired Muscle was practically built for her, and her Electroripper is a solid two-cost upgrade. She offers a lot, and her 12 health doesn’t feel fragile since Yellow has a great mitigation package to keep her on the board.

#1 – Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma

With Phasma, you’ll need to deal damage quickly since you won’t have a ton of health to work with. While I think that ultimately the low health issue will keep her from being tier 1, we can still have a lot of fun with her—mainly because we get to start with so many dice!

Basically, I just want to roll in a mountain of Stormtrooper dice. It seems so hilarious! Starting with such high damage potential also feels really strong against the slow ramp decks that will be in play. With the Power Action and Megablaster Troopers, you can get four First Order Stormtrooper dice into the pool easily. The potential for piles of dice makes this chrome-headed titan my no. 1 most anticipated big character.

Honorable Mentions:

Small – Ezra Bridger, Satine Kryze
Medium – Padmé Amidala, Asajj Ventress
Large – Obi-Wan Kenobi

As I mentioned before, these are just a few Convergence favorites that caught my attention because of their value or interesting interactions. With rotation coming, it will be the wild west of meta again, and I’m so stoked! I hope to see you all at a table soon. Please feel free to drop into the comments and talk about what you’re excited for!