LGS Spotlight: Math ‘n’ Stuff Seattle Cube Draft

Math ‘n’ Stuff (MnS) is a neighborhood shop in North Seattle that carries games (including Destiny), toys (especially Legos), learning/discovery kits, and educational material. In addition to the amazing store, Math ‘n’ Stuff also features a spot called the Annex, which hosts game tournaments, weekly events, parties, and more.

The first and third Tuesdays of each month are Star Wars: Destiny nights at the Annex; the fun starts at 7:00 p.m. with Eric as the host. Eric is a dedicated and talented Destiny player, and is enormously generous with his knowledge and experience. He is also a masterful teacher of games and a genuinely nice person!

Having a player like Eric who runs the events and also has a hand in the store feels very special; you’re able to have deep conversations about both the game and the store and know that your feedback is truly heard.

The unique flavor of the MnS events is due to the local players’ love for drafting; with each new set release, the sealed draft format reigns supreme. After time passes and players are ready to move on from sealed, another draft style takes over…

The Cube

Eric thoughtfully constructed a cube as an alternative to sealed draft events. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, the basic makeup of our Destiny cube is:

cube draft contents
The cube… in rectangular containers
  • A set of 300 supports, upgrades, events
  • Every battlefield
  • 60 characters
  • Everything sleeved and ready to go
  • Rules and process for drafting

There are two things that stand out about this particular cube draft. First, Eric collects data about which cards are drafted in the previous two drafts, which characters do well, and how the overall drafting goes for each player. Based on the gathered information, he removes cards that are consistently too strong or too weak and replaces them with new cards that are potentially more balanced. As a result, the cube draft is constantly evolving and improves from week to week. Players also have input on how the cube evolves!

So many options
Events and upgrades… what to choose?

In this format, a character can be made elite; however, all non-character cards are one-ofs. After drafting 50 cards, the decks are built, and players have the choice of any battlefield.

The second thing that makes the MnS cube draft unique is that the draft method itself evolves. Initially, the draft process was:

  • Pass 10 characters around
  • Pass packs of 10 cards (a mix of upgrades, supports, and events)
  • Repeat four more times

However, though this method was challenging and fun, the draft was not always satisfying. As such, the drafting process for the cube has now been tweaked!

Obi-Wan, R2… You turned to the dark side!
Pryce, Hera, U-Wing… oh my!

Join in on the Fun!

If you want to learn about the latest cube draft rules, come to the Math ‘n’ Stuff Annex on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:00p.m.! Other websites also have great articles on building a cube and draft formats if you’re looking to learn more about cubes and drafting in general.

Of course, constructed play still has a place at MnS. Someone always brings a wild new jank deck to test out, and certain weeks are used to prepare for big upcoming tournaments. Regardless of the focus of each event, a constant is the friendly, inviting atmosphere and great camaraderie around Destiny.

If you’re worried about drafting hungry, fear not! MnS has snacks and drinks available for purchase, but bringing your own food is fully endorsed as well. Everyone is welcome at MnS. Join us for a great draft—sealed or cube!

Math n Stuff Activity Annex
9212 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115