LGS Spotlight: Geeky Villain in Everett

by guest writer Chris S.

Like most card shops or hobby stores, Geeky Villain is a place to find new games, models, and perhaps a replacement for that cursed set of dice. It’s more than just that, though. It’s a place where you can explore the depths of an ancient ruin, laugh with friends, and lament a losing streak over a cold beverage. We’re all about community and geek culture, and strive to be a place where you can meet up with friends and maybe make some new ones.

Geeky Villain’s Sealed Box Event celebrating the release of Star Wars: Destiny’s Convergence expansion

The Geeky Villain website features trading card games like Star Wars: Destiny, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and Magic: The Gathering, including singles. The store also stocks role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, in addition to miniatures games like Warmachine & Hordes, Bolt Action, DC, Reaper, Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Legion.

Our gaming space has tables set up for tabletop role-playing games and traditional board games, and offers terrain layouts for miniatures, too! There is an additional room for card gaming with table space for over 20 players.

We run events for a variety of different games each day on a weekly basis. Check out our events calendar on Facebook!

The store owner, Edward, has done his best to make sure that the amount of space is generous and that it’s welcoming for the players. We have unique areas to enjoy any game you are interested in.

Fridays are the day that we host Star Wars: Destiny. We will be starting a new Star Wars: Destiny league soon, with Season 1 beginning on April 6. Every week we will be running different formats such as draft, Standard, and Infinite. At each event during the three-month-long season you will earn points for participating and for winning games. Each week we will raffle off a limited edition Geeky Villain season playmat. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be declared the winner and will receive the grand prize. They will also have their name immortalized as the season champion on the Geeky Villain Star Wars: Destiny plaque.

Geeky Villain’s Season 1 Playmat

We are excited to support the Star Wars: Destiny community and hope we can grow this into something even bigger. Stop on by to check us out and if you are interested, ask us about some of our other events!

We are located just off of Everett Mall Way at

607 SE Everett Mall Way #20
Everett, Washington 98208

Drinks and snacks are available on-site, but players are also welcome to bring their own food from one of the many restaurants nearby.